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JMSS is an Approved Company which means that the company provides a Quality Service as assessed by Security Industry Authority (SIA) annually and is committed to providing a first-class security service to all our customers.

JMSS is also ISO 9000 Certified which means that it consistently meets and exceeds customer expectations.

The senior management at JMSS has a security managerial experience of 20 years and as a result the company guarantees a flexible, trustworthy, reliable, and professional service.

JMSS is based in London but operates throughout the UK, providing licensed, highly trained personnel who are smart, courteous, and proactive who can adapt to customers individual requirements.

Some of the sectors we cover are listed below as well as contact details and the offer of a free trial of our services at no extra cost.

James Maxwell Limited holds SIA Approved Contractor Status for the Provision of Security Guarding Services

Security Guards

Our security guards are highly trained, licensed and fully vetted before being deployed to our customers sites. JMSS security guards are smart, courteous, and very professional and able to provide a security service the meets all your security needs. JMSS security guards are vetted to current British Standards.

Security Receptionists

In addition to regular guarding duties such as access control, patrols, car park and contractor management, our security guards will cover the reception desk politely dealing with all staff requests such as issuing passes for visitors, contractors and new staff ID’s.

Security Receptionists will also receive mail on behalf of the office building staff thereby saving the organisation the cost of employing a full-time receptionist.

Another benefit of using JMSS is that all our security guards are First Aid trained and are able to meet the organisation’s Health and Safety requirement of having a First Aider at Work at no extra cost.

Temperature Checks

Under new Government Health and Safety Guidelines, the need for organisations to physically check the temperature of staff coming onto sites for large organisations can easily be managed by JMSS security guards, thereby avoiding the need to employ a full-time member of staff just to carry out this function. JMSS will provide this additional duty at no extra cost to our customers.

Warehouse Security

JMSS has a strong reputation in consistently providing security guards to warehouses. The presence of JMSS security guards on customers premises prevents trespassing, theft, and loss of stock.

Access control including delivery vehicles and overall staff safety is improved with the added benefit of the staff car park being effectively managed every day.

Construction Security

JMSS works has over the years secured many construction sites by providing effective access control, signing in contractors, ensuring that everyone on site is following the organisation’s Health and Safety Procedures by wearing the correct PPE before being allowed onto site.

Our security guards headed by a Supervisor will also prevent theft of equipment and materials from site and ensure the safety of staff and contractors.

Retail Security

Our highly trained retail guards assist staff in making sure that they are working in a safe environment by operating CCTV equipment on site and thereby preventing theft, challenging any shoplifters and keeping staff safe.

CCTV Operators

JMSS security guards will operate CCTV equipment on all customers sites mainly as a deterrent to crime and are able to provide CCTV evidence to the police to make a prosecution.

James Maxwell Security Services

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James Maxwell Limited holds SIA Approved Contractor Status for the Provision of Security Guarding Services

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