Security Post Pandemic

Security officers’ positions are adapting as quickly as the layout of our offices change. Instead of being focused on access control, protecting the building and providing a warm welcome, they are also taking leading roles in managing and supporting people to adapt to the new normal. They are on the front line welcoming people back into the workplace and reinforcing the social distancing measures. They’re walking people through the rules and new layout, explaining what they need to do and not do. They’re taking people’s temperatures with hand-held thermal imaging equipment – and then having difficult conversations with people who appear outside of the allowed range. In scenarios where teams are returning to work in split shifts or staggered hours they’re making sure that the right employees are allowed in the building at the right time, but politely turning away those who aren’t expected in. Many are using counters to ensure the right occupancy levels and reporting if these are exceeded.  They’re directing the one or two-people-per-lift policy which, in high-rises can be a challenge. That often involves going back to pressing lift buttons themselves to avoid too many people touching the same place and spreading the virus.

For those people who’ve worked through the pandemic, or those who have been back some time and may become relaxed about the social distancing measures, they’re having quiet conversations to remind them. They’re occasionally called to referee between people with very different approaches to social distancing in a building.

Security officers are working hard to keep everyone safe – all while trying to ensure their own safety.

We believe the perception of security officers will also change – positively. Just as people are recognising how crucial the cleaning team are to their continued safety and overall business continuity, individuals and businesses will appreciate the role security and reception teams play in supporting them through this challenging period. The industry’s position as key workers should not be forgotten and it’s up to all of us in the sector to make sure that we rise to that challenge.

This pandemic will continue to place a burden on our security officers. But it will also result in a huge change in how they’re received in the Post-Covid world. That can only be a good thing.


The security of our businesses, assets and ourselves

We value our businesses, cherish our assets, care for our own well-being and that of our
customers and work colleagues (well, most of them!).

I have become ever more security conscious, partially due to the recent rise in crime, but
because my business is more than a source of income, it’s my child and its security is non

Each year, crime against small firms in the UK costs more than £12 billion ANNUALLY!

It’s easy to see why business owners like me are looking to increase their security.
There are many security providers out there who provide a full range of security solutions,
but who can you really trust and put your full confidence in?

Security Industry Authority – Approved Contractors Scheme

Using a security provider who holds approval to the Security Industry Authority (SIA)
Approved Contractors Scheme (ACS), gives the confidence which consumers are searching

The SIA is the organisation responsible for regulating the private security industry in the UK,
in accordance with the security act 2001. The SIA carry out annual assessments, ensuring
that the standards of the security providers they certify, remain at a consistently high level.

Holding SIA ACS approval provides independent reassurance of the security providers
commitment to providing a quality service and that operates professionally – therefore, a
provider which consumers can trust and have confidence that their requirements and high
expectations, will be continuously met.

Benefits of using an SIA ACS Security Provider

Choosing an SIA ACS accredited supplier for the provision of your contract security services
will give you the following benefits:

  1. Continuity of Quality
    The employment practices of approved contractors (such as James Maxwell Security
    Services) have been extensively assessed in respect of both quality and best
  2. Customer Focus
    Effective customer focused procedures are implemented and can tailor its services to
    meet specific customer requirements.
  3. Continuity of Service
    Can provide greater flexibility and operational effectiveness when supplying security
  4. Innovation
    The latest security technology is often adopted along with embracing new methods
    and best practices to provide a highly effective security service.
  5. The Extended Police Family
    The ACS is recognised by the police force and offers the potential for enhanced
    working relationships.

Speak with an SIA ACS Approved Security Provider

James Maxwell Security is an SIA ACS approved Services security provider and has significant experience in providing an effective and efficient security service within London
and throughout the UK.

If you haven’t already, you can contact James Maxwell Security Services today and find out
how our extensive range of services can help keep your business, assets, work colleagues
and yourself secure.